Heavenly Father, thank You for setting me free in every area of my life. I declare today that nothing can hold me back. I declare that I am free from sickness, poverty, lack and addiction. I declare that You have set me free and thank You for freedom and discipline in every area of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Heavenly Father, thank You for setting me free in every area of my life. I declare today that nothing can hold me back. I declare that I am free from sickness, poverty, lack and addiction. I declare that You have set me free and thank You for freedom and discipline in every area of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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Today God wants you to know…

There are no wrongs that God cannot make right.

So you’ve been hurt or maybe you hurt someone else. God can fix it. God may be nudging you this very moment to ask for forgiveness or be willing to forgive. Trust God, listen and act. There is no wrong that God cannot make right.

“Self- love.
Self care.
You know,
the enemy likes to whisper these are bad things.
You are selfish,
he likes to point out the ways you decide to take care of you,
and yes
we are to love Jesus and neighbor,
but how can you fully and wholly love others
if you cannot stand the sight of your
own footprints
or how
you seem to constantly have to have it all
figured out,
but the next guy doesn’t and somehow thats okay.
self love is a ritual
and it is lovely,
self love is a story teller
and a grand one,
if i don’t say so myself.
Self care
is where you truly find yourself
and how you live.
It teaches you that being broken is okay
and that Jesus uses
the dirty messy beings covered in dust
smiling ear to ear
waiting to receive the glory and power of His kingdom,
to do the work of the Father
and to love people well
and to give solutions to problems,
that some care so little about.
So don’t tell me that self care
is a selfish act,
and that it will lead you nowhere,
don’t get this confused with me baptizing self help into
my repertoire of good deeds
for a few glances
and some self glorification.
Self love, is how you
love the world.
It is how you love Jesus more.
Caring for you
is not selfish.
You are not a demon
to be appeased
You are lovely
You are good.
You have things to give to this world.
So tell the world your stories,
of broken tiles,
and leaking faucets,
and what you had for dinner,
and maybe how that impacted your day.
Or how the man on the corner changed your world forever,
or how the stereotypes you had,
have been squashed by the stories of the broken.
Listen listen listen.
Listen to Jesus.
Listen to His people.
Love well.
Love yourself.
Its not wrong,
and its good.
You are important,
dont deny yourself of helping the world by helping yourself.
He won’t stop re-creating you.
You are His.
You are the image bearer of the glory of God
in the fallen murky world.
The light is coming.
It is here.
It is upon us.
He is risen.
— Self care isn’t selfish, its self fulfilling by jesusiswhatthisworldneeds (me)


Sometimes, people get discouraged in life because things didn’t turn out the way they hoped on the first try. Maybe they put energy into a relationship but it didn’t work out. They tried that new business venture, but they are still struggling with their finances. Now they think it’s never going to happen. But, one thing we have to learn is that God honors perseverance. On the way to your “yes” you may encounter some “no’s.” You may encounter some closed doors, but that doesn’t mean it’s the final answer. It just means “keep going.”

Remember, if God promised it, He’s going to bring it to pass. Scripture tells us that through faith and patience we inherit God’s promises. This is where patience comes in; this is where perseverance comes in. This is where trust comes in. Just because you don’t see things happen right away doesn’t mean you should quit. No, instead, rise up and press forward. Keep believing, keep hoping, keep enduring and keep asking because our God is always faithful to His word!

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Friends, I need your help!


Hello all of my beautiful followers!

I have recently been accepted to a missionary program called NET (National Evangelization Teams) ministries of Canada, and in August of this year(2014), I will start this mission and will be gone until May of 2015. 

NET Ministries of Canada is a Catholic youth movement that challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. This is accomplished by:

  • Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ
  • Inviting young people to live for Christ
  • Forming young people in Christian character
  • Equipping young adults and youth ministry

These of which are done through ministries from Encounter, Infuse, and Les èquipes NET teams.

The core values that allow us to do this are: Commitment to Christ, Catholic, Evangelistic, Proclamation, Charismatic, Community.

By sponsoring me $40, you are able to receive a NETworks Newsletter that is distributed annually four times over the course of the year, and also get updates from me every few months, to let you know what is going on in my life and how God has been working in me and through me. However, you do not need donate $40, you can donate whatever amount it is you would like to. Everything helps.

Here is where you can find my personal fundraising page:


If you are not able to support this mission financially, you are still able to show support through your prayers, which is much needed as well. So please pray for me while I am proclaiming the Gospel through this mission and know that my prayers are also with you throughout the year. 

I know that sponsoring someone you don’t know, from the internet, is kind of an odd thing to do. I would find it weird myself. But when it comes to spreading the word of God, and His immaculate love, I find no boundaries in what I would do for Him, and  would hope that my brothers and sisters in Christ feel that same way. 

FYI: I do not personally receive this money, it does not go into my own pocket, but it goes to the MISSION. NET Ministries will receive this money and it goes towards the cost of the entire year of mission work. I am just asked to help achieve a portion of what it costs for me to go, so they can support us. 

So PLEASE consider supporting this mission, I would really appreciate it and by sponsoring me, even just one small donation, you are helping me to reach my goal so I can serve Christ, and ultimately, you are serving Him as well.

Thank you so much, 

God bless


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